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Well, in a midst of my reno days, I managed to make some Christmas cards.

If you're wondering about the condition of my house. Well, the deck is almost done, but then needs to be stained, and as for the other stuff... not done yet. But we had chosen the colour of the walls in the kitchen... lol.

Also, Jackie from My Sweetest Girls gave me "I love your Blog" Award few days ago. She is so wonderful. I apologize for waiting so long, but I didn't have a whole lot of time on my computer lately. Go and check her blog. Well, here are the rules: 1. The winner can put the logo on their blog 2. Link the person you received your award from 3. Nominate 7 other blogs 4. Put links of those blogs on yours 5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated. And my list:

1. Lynn from http://thequeensscene.blogspot.com/.
2. Judy from http://jarfullofjoy.blogspot.com/
3. Stacey from http://stampinwithstacey.blogspot.com/
4. Cathy from http://cathyrose-stopandsmelltheroses.blogspot.com/
5. Frenchy from http://frenchysstampinblog.blogspot.com/
6. Tiffany from http://mycraftyworld.blogspot.com/ and
7. Allison from http://alliohran.blogspot.com/

OK, Off I go to sleep now. Blog you later.
Dragana Skoro
... Before the school starts. You thought until my kitchen is done? He, he, he, ... Won't happen so fast. We're down to studs and sub-floor. Looks great. :-) You don't want to know everything we found between the kitchen ceiling, converted attic and the roof after we took the ceiling down. Oh, my Lord! Carpet, carpet underlay, pieces of a play pen, insulation... No wonder the roofer couldn't vent the roof. Anyway... I am thinking another 3 weeks, although we're being told two, and I could start moving some stuff back into the kitchen and have something other than local restaurants offerings to eat. My wonderful friend Sheri made a veggie lasagna for us. Yum! In ten days both my boys are going to be in school. Milan is starting kindergarten and Charlie will go to preschool. So, twice a week I'll have two hours to myself. Wow! I haven't had any regular time away from my boys ever. I will need an adjustment period, I know. Then I'll start enjoying it, and shortly after that Milan will start morning semester and I'll have one of them with me at all times again. That's ok, my time is coming.

Enough of babbling. Onto the cards. I will post few.

The first one is just one of those autumn cards. Could be used for anything. Images are cut out and popped on dimensionals.
I can't seem to stay away from dimensionals lately.

I made few Christmas cards over the last few days. This is not the best one, but some are being kept in secret as I might send them off to few magazines.

And my favourite owls again. Just love them.

I just remembered, I never posted a 3D card I did back in May. Pictures are not the best, but it will give you an idea.

OK, time to go. Yawn. Blog you later!
Dragana Skoro
My younger son turned three yesterday. Time just flies. He is a wonderful, very happy kid. He loves trains, so I made him a card with a train. The cut-out part of the train and a ticket are popped up with dimensionals. Here is a picture of him and his cake and a picture of his card. He is growing way too fast. Happy birthday, Charlie!!

Dragana Skoro
Just a very quick post. Couple of kitchen photos, just so you understand a magnitude of this reno. I am not sure this will ever be back to normal. Will let you know though.

So, how do you like it?? :-)

Blog you later.
Dragana Skoro
Have you seen it yet? If not, check it out, there is some really amazing stuff in there. This is a link for Canadian brochure, so if you're from the States, prices are not valid for you, but you can at least see the merchandise. I am in a big trouble!

Here is the link:

Dragana Skoro
Well, it is online, but it is not online. I have my hard copies, but I also have friends who are asking for an online peek. So, here it is. It's hosted by a company that will ask you to choose between a paid for service and a free one. The second option is the right one, of course.

Warning: this is a Canadian catalog with Canadian prices.

US version HERE!!!

I changed the date of the post so it will stay on the top of the page for a week. Hopefully by then everyone has their hard copies.
Dragana Skoro
This is really fantastic. Monique Hawrelluk, a fellow crafter (and Canadian), which I have a great amount of respect for has awarded me with (a moment of a suspension...)

Wow! Monique's blog, Self Expressions, is full of beautiful creations, so please visit her.

Now, here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to these blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

These are the people I would like to nominate:

1. Michelle Shuman (aka mybelle101) - a wonderful lady with wonderful design skills. Love her dearly.
2. Jessica Russel has a lot beautiful things to share Go and check it out.
3. Daniela Dobson is one of those people I would like to be when I grow up. :-) Go for a visit - well worth it.
4. Heather is a woman with a wonderful big heart. Go and visit her blog.
5. KAT (shhh! her name is Kathy) has some really neat stuff on her beautiful blog.
6. Stephanie is well worth a visit too.
7. Jackie is a mother and a crafter. Her blog shows both sides of her, so sweet.

Thanks again for thinking of me Monique!

Stay tuned for pictures of my non-existent kitchen and deck. It will be a good "before" picture. Roofers will be done today, gutters will be done next week, and the rest... Who knows?!?!?! Blog you later.
Dragana Skoro
Well, this was a very long day. I first had to clean underneath the deck. I hope I am not the only one that accumulates all these things and puts them underneath the deck "for later". Later what? Later garbage run? Later bonfire? Later sudden explosion? Oh, my God, the stuff I found under the stairs of the deck! Lol. We have three lawn mowers. Yup. And about 4 swimming pools for kids. We can have Olympic Games in our yard with that number of pools... Anyway, after that I had to clean all the junk in the kitchen. Or, half of the kitchen. The other half will be done in a few days. We are in the middle of the major renovations on our house. They are tearing our deck down tomorrow. And then building the new one. Next Saturday, our kitchen is going to be gutted and have a complete makeover. New custom made cupboards, floor, countertops, dishwasher, paint, everything. Wo-hoo! We were supposed to be away for a week during the kitchen installation. Not any more. My husband broke his foot instead. Oh, joy! Well, I'll be camping regardless. I'll be cooking in our motor-home. I might as well sleep there. Boys can sleep in a tent if they wish. I love camping, so I'll do it if I choose so! Oh, did I mention that a new roof is happening too?!?!? What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Or so I hope.

No card today. Too tired. Blog you later. Could be a lot later...
Dragana Skoro
I've been watching my kids play in the pool all of the last week, and guess what came to my mind...

Both frogs are cut out and popped up with dimensionals... I used crystal effects on their eyes and a water puddle. The little splashes around are "splashy" stickers by Cloud 9. I have to start working on my Christmas cards and few ideas I have for magazine submissions... I must, I must, I must, I must...

Blog you later.
Dragana Skoro
I am excited... I was notified today that I won Clipper Street's monthly challenge... The only requirement was to use any stamp featuring Fluffles. Well, this was mine:

It's been almost two months since I entered, and looking at this card now, I would do so many things differently... Oh, well.

And another thing... I bought a sewing machine, so far all my cards were hand sewn. I know there is a lot of practice ahead of me, but boy when I am done - watch out sewing world, here I come!!!! He, he...

I'll have another post coming tonight with a new card (I hope). Blog you then.
Dragana Skoro
Yahooo!!! They are here. Kids and hubby are going to have sandwiches for dinner tonight. :-) Have you ever wondered what 132 Prisma pencils look like? Have you ever wondered what is it like to sharpen that many pencils??? Well, here it is...

I have a little blister from sharpening all those pencils (no kidding), I was using that small sharpener that comes with Prisma pencils... Lol...

So, I played a little, I made two cards using Prismas, but no Gamsol, I really don't want it in the house with my boys, so I used baby oil. I love Prismas...

The first image is from SU When I Grow Up. The second one is from Pink Cat Studio. I just love Melissa's images. I purchased these stamps a while ago, but mounted them today (except the one I sent card to Tegan Swift). Sorry, Melissa! :-)

The next card is also made with a stamp from Pink Cat Studio, his name is Billy. He could be Charlie, just like my son... They are equally troubles. Normally, he has a lasoo, but I lost it for this card...

And the last is a thank you card I made last night.

Do I deserve to go to bed and rest or do I deserve to go to bed and rest??? :-) Blog you later!
Dragana Skoro
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy... I received another nomination for BFF award. This time, it came from Heather aka scrappinmominky, a wonderful women with a big heart for her big family. And still, there was some room left for me and my crafts in her heart. Thank you so much Heather!!!

As I was nominated in the last post, I am not going to list the rules again, nor post the picture, I will just list 5 people.

1. Victoria of eatstampsleeprepeat.blogspot.com, I simply like her style.
2. Kristine, her blog is a feast for your eyes... Check it out!
3. KAT (Kathy Tucker) has some really, really neat stuff on her blog...
4. Karen's work is wonderful...
5. Lisa is another lady I like looking at her work.

I realized, I chose people whom I frequent, not the people who frequent my blog... Oh, well...

So, ladies, please read the rules in the previous post and get the picture from the same one... Let's keep this going...

I'll be posting later on tonight with some cards and other stuff... Blog you then.
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