Dragana Skoro
Well, it is online, but it is not online. I have my hard copies, but I also have friends who are asking for an online peek. So, here it is. It's hosted by a company that will ask you to choose between a paid for service and a free one. The second option is the right one, of course.

Warning: this is a Canadian catalog with Canadian prices.

US version HERE!!!

I changed the date of the post so it will stay on the top of the page for a week. Hopefully by then everyone has their hard copies.
2 Responses
  1. Monique H Says:

    OMGosh Dragana ... you are a "doll"! I have been trying to download the catalogue forever with no success. Have you received your hard copy yet? I imagine you have since you're out West! I'm still waiting patiently *sigh*, so thank you for the download, it worked perfectly!!!

    Stop by my blog ... I left you some "Blog Bling"!

  2. Jean Says:

    Thanks!!!! I just had my third attempt fail at getting the catty. It is SU's servers, not all of us.

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