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... Before the school starts. You thought until my kitchen is done? He, he, he, ... Won't happen so fast. We're down to studs and sub-floor. Looks great. :-) You don't want to know everything we found between the kitchen ceiling, converted attic and the roof after we took the ceiling down. Oh, my Lord! Carpet, carpet underlay, pieces of a play pen, insulation... No wonder the roofer couldn't vent the roof. Anyway... I am thinking another 3 weeks, although we're being told two, and I could start moving some stuff back into the kitchen and have something other than local restaurants offerings to eat. My wonderful friend Sheri made a veggie lasagna for us. Yum! In ten days both my boys are going to be in school. Milan is starting kindergarten and Charlie will go to preschool. So, twice a week I'll have two hours to myself. Wow! I haven't had any regular time away from my boys ever. I will need an adjustment period, I know. Then I'll start enjoying it, and shortly after that Milan will start morning semester and I'll have one of them with me at all times again. That's ok, my time is coming.

Enough of babbling. Onto the cards. I will post few.

The first one is just one of those autumn cards. Could be used for anything. Images are cut out and popped on dimensionals.
I can't seem to stay away from dimensionals lately.

I made few Christmas cards over the last few days. This is not the best one, but some are being kept in secret as I might send them off to few magazines.

And my favourite owls again. Just love them.

I just remembered, I never posted a 3D card I did back in May. Pictures are not the best, but it will give you an idea.

OK, time to go. Yawn. Blog you later!
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  1. Tegan Says:

    for some reason your new post didnt come up as an update in googlereader- frustrating technology!!
    another swap...aargh-with you-not again geez....LOL im joking, im joking!!! hahahaha

    maybe in october?? i have 2 weeks school holidays and maybe we can swap some images too then? or were *you* joking? haha. i would swap now but you would be waiting a while because i am stuck right in the midedle of assignments and excursions that are assessable and then my final exams for year 11. yeah i know, whinge whinge whinge rofl.
    catch you later :)

  2. Carmen Says:

    I have never seen a #D card before very neat. I love the owl card, too cute!

  3. Loreen Says:

    Your blog is fantastic. Love your projects and how you put everything together =)

  4. TiStampsUp Says:

    The owls are so cute! I love them!

  5. ScrappinGalz Says:

    These cards are all so wonderful. I can't pick a favorite. You did a beautiful job on them

  6. Anonymous Says:

    All of them are beyond beautiful! You are so creative! Hope everything comes out great with your kitchen.

  7. Conni Frankl Says:

    Glad to hear you will have your kitchen back soon, I lived with no counter top for 3 or so weeks and I know it sucks. You will learn to enjoy your time alone, it might be sad in the beginning, but you will like it, nothing like a trip to the store ALONE,LOL

    Great card too

  8. I am totally intrigued by your 3D card! Where did you get the idea for it? And good luck with your magazine submissions if you decide to go ahead with them!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I gave you an award...go see my blog

  10. What a wonderful group of cards! I love each one of them!!!

  11. Love those 3-d cards...wish I could see them in real life! The owls and Santa cards are so cute!

  12. Hi Dragana! Love those little owl guys - they're so cute! Nice coloring job, too! Keep thinking about those ladybugs of yours, and went to get some of my new DP and oops! I didn't get what I thought I did. Now I'm off to reconsider my color options! Have a great afternoon!

  13. Jennifer Says:

    Love all your new cards.. especially the owl ones :) Great!

  14. Sassy Crafts Says:

    Loving your cards. I have to ask as i'm in love with the owls you have used - are they a stamp? where are they from?? I just have to get some. Thanks for sharing such awesome projects.

    Emma. x

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