Dragana Skoro
I am excited... I was notified today that I won Clipper Street's monthly challenge... The only requirement was to use any stamp featuring Fluffles. Well, this was mine:

It's been almost two months since I entered, and looking at this card now, I would do so many things differently... Oh, well.

And another thing... I bought a sewing machine, so far all my cards were hand sewn. I know there is a lot of practice ahead of me, but boy when I am done - watch out sewing world, here I come!!!! He, he...

I'll have another post coming tonight with a new card (I hope). Blog you then.
16 Responses
  1. Teresa Says:

    Great congrats!!! Congrats on winning!

  2. Congratulations!! You did a great job on that card. It's really cute!

  3. Cris A Says:

    Congratulations! It's a super cute card!

  4. Congrats on winning! That card is adorable! I love how you colored fluffles, I might have to get mine out to play with later. Also, wanted to you you know you have a typo in this post -- it says "so fart" instead of "so far" -- HTH!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Lisbet Says:

    Lovely cards.


  6. bensarmom Says:

    Congratulations! Your card is just so cute! Fluffles is a winner every time.

  7. ~ j Says:

    adorable card. congrats on the wim :D

  8. Cris A Says:

    I just saw these stamps at Hobby Lobby! I'm going back tomorrow to get one!

  9. Jennifer Says:

    Congrats!! If you changed some things you might not have been selected. Its great just the way it is! TFS

  10. CathyRose Says:

    Congratulations, well deserved! That is an adorable card. I may have to see about getting some Fluffles for myself!

  11. Tegan Says:

    Oh no you DIDN'T!

    Okay, well yeah, you did lol. **that sounded good in my head-as usual**

    Congrats Dragana! Such a perfectly cute and amazing card.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    niiiiiice. u truly r a great talent. and to know that i am behind all of it:):):):):). stvarno je super. i love everything u write/put/do on this blog, though.sanela

  13. Woohoo!! Congratulations! This card is adorable...I can see why you won ;) Love the paper piercing and the color combo, and of course that image is adorable :) I'm so happy for you!!

  14. Melissa Says:

    Congratulations!! Its a fantastic card.

  15. Congrats!

    This is a nice card!

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  16. Mandy Says:

    Hooray! What a CUTE card! Congrats on winning! Your card is fantastic!

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