Dragana Skoro
Saturday before going back to school. I quite enjoyed the spring break, I love having my kids home. Everything is so much slower and more relaxed. We've spent days reading, playing games and watching movies. We all love going to Reifel Bird Sanctuary so we did that too. It is so peaceful and you get to see so many birds. My older son Milan is turning into quite a photographer. One of the pictures he took:

Yesterday I posted about Portobello Market last weekend, but didn't have any pictures of my display. I do have a picture of the guest book I've made for the market. Supplies used are mixed, some are SU, some are dollar store, some are online purchases... Lookie:

I hope you like it. That's it for now. More coming soon.

Blog y'a later,

Dragana Skoro
You know, I keep promising myself and occasionally others that I will blog on a regular basis. And I really have every intention of doing so. But then, things happen. Family things. School things. Work related things. Good things. Bad things. Just things. TOO MANY THINGS!

What was going on lately? Well, a lot. Let me see...

At the end of January, we got a cat from Vancouver SPCA. Raddatatt is 8 months old, mostly Russian Blue as far as I can tell and is the most social cat I have ever seen. He is GORGEOUS!!!!! We all love him a lot, except occasionally my husband. See, Raddatatt has a person to cuddle (that would be me), a person to play with (Milan and Charlie), and then a person to nibble on his toes 4 o'clock in the morning when he is bored and wants some company (now, that would be my husband). I think it is funny. Tony doesn't. Anyway, look, isn't he gorgeous?

And then, at the end of February, we had Stampin' Up Regionals here in Vancouver. That was a great fun. I got to meet some people I only knew from online forums up to that point. As most of you know, Regionals mean swaps. Lots of swaps. Here is one of mine that I did for Regionals. For some reason, my camera didn't really capture how vibrant and beautiful those colours are. I might have to redo the photo. Lookie:

Then, last weekend, I was participating in Portobello West Fashion and Art market. It was fantastic! Well organized, well visited. Everything ran really smoothly. Did I take a picture of my display though? No, of course I didn't. My bad. That is ok though, I will do it again, maybe in May. I will let you know.

I am hoping that I will put together new classes schedule and post it over the next few days. Also, one of my technique clubs is starting again beginning of May and I do have 1 spot left in it. Let me know if you would like to take it.

Stampin' Up has filled up their clearance rack with new items, there are lots of nice goodies there. Including grab bags - first time ever. Just click on the picture and go to my site, then click Shop Now. I know I couldn't resist getting few things.

OK, that is it for now. I should be back in a couple of days. Unless I decide to hibernate again.

Blog Y'a all later,

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