I am back after a long while away from blogging. It seems like Murphy's Law would kick in every time I've tried to type something up, so eventually I just gave up... Well, here we go, trying again.

 During my absence, I have been crafting a storm and have done what seems like gazillion of craft shows. I will be posting random bits and pieces of what you've missed as well as new stuff I am working on.

 Today, I had few minutes and wanted to try something new. You should know by now that I love taking something old, destined for a dump, and give it some new life. So, again, I did just that. Lately I have been cooking up a storm. Have you heard of Big Cook cooking concept? Well, I will be telling you more about it in one of my next posts. Anyway, I was left with quite a few empty tin cans, so I thought I would make them into something new. It all started with a quick coat of acrylic paint.

This is what they look like now, after decoupaging - not fully finished yet, but almost there. Just another layer of protection and that should be it!

And, a close-up of the individual ones.

I am not absolutely positive yet, but this is what they might be used for, if the weather ever warms up enough for the deck and garden entertaining.

That's it for today - I will try to be back soon if anyone is still out there and reading.

Blog y'all later,

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