Dragana Skoro
Well, this was a very long day. I first had to clean underneath the deck. I hope I am not the only one that accumulates all these things and puts them underneath the deck "for later". Later what? Later garbage run? Later bonfire? Later sudden explosion? Oh, my God, the stuff I found under the stairs of the deck! Lol. We have three lawn mowers. Yup. And about 4 swimming pools for kids. We can have Olympic Games in our yard with that number of pools... Anyway, after that I had to clean all the junk in the kitchen. Or, half of the kitchen. The other half will be done in a few days. We are in the middle of the major renovations on our house. They are tearing our deck down tomorrow. And then building the new one. Next Saturday, our kitchen is going to be gutted and have a complete makeover. New custom made cupboards, floor, countertops, dishwasher, paint, everything. Wo-hoo! We were supposed to be away for a week during the kitchen installation. Not any more. My husband broke his foot instead. Oh, joy! Well, I'll be camping regardless. I'll be cooking in our motor-home. I might as well sleep there. Boys can sleep in a tent if they wish. I love camping, so I'll do it if I choose so! Oh, did I mention that a new roof is happening too?!?!? What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Or so I hope.

No card today. Too tired. Blog you later. Could be a lot later...
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  1. Tegan Says:

    hahahaha!!! im sorry. i really shouldnt laugh. but seriously, that's so hilarious. you have an ironic string of bad luck atm and im sure you will see daylight soon enough.
    hang in there dragana--make a card asap--that always cheers me up :)
    can't wait to see what you create for my challenge if you get the chance LOL

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck with all the remodeling. My sister recently went through a big remodel and is finally recovering from it, lol. Glad to hear you are keeping your sense of humor.


  3. 6boyzmom Says:

    Love your blog, love your name. Wish I could make cards like that instead of just collecting supplies like I do. Didn't mean to hurt your jaw or your ears! but glad you enjoyed my letter......keep up the beautiful work.

  4. good luck on your wild ride of renovations! not so jealous of the process but i am sure you will be so excited to have your house back and feel shiny and new! post pics :)

  5. Just think of how awesome your house is gonna look though :) Seriously, it is like extreme home makeover at your house :) One day I will get to renovating . . . one day . . . .

  6. Craft_mom Says:

    Oh my goodness! It's kind of funny how plans change. It stinks DH broke his foot! Bet you'll be glad when renovations are over!

  7. Hang in there, Dragana! Just think of the end result. You'll be so happy. Enjoy your home-based camping - lucky you to have the motor home for cooking. Boys must be thrilled!

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