Dragana Skoro
About a month ago, we went to the Vail Valley, Colorado, for a wedding.  We were high up in Rockies, thin air and all.  The nature was gorgeous, but, surprisingly, there was no snow at all.  We stayed in Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch and it was a wonderful little get-away.  My boys were very excited about it, it was their half sister's wedding and they really, really wanted to look their best.  I was so very proud of them, they were on their best behaviour, and they looked like a million bucks!  Lookie:

Allison, their sister, looked beautiful and her wedding was an amazing event.  She is a wonderful young lady, and we all are very happy for her.

I played with my Dylusion's toys again.  I love, love, love her products, they are so inspiring and whimsical.  Something made me remember way back when we used to watch a really silly British TV show, "Allo, Allo!" (yes, I am THAT old!) and I knew I had to use that famous phrase we all repeated countless time.  So, here are my birdies, gossiping....
I love how reactive these spray inks are with water, it is so easy to get amazing effects.

Here is a close-up of the leaves, bleached with water (how cool, eh?) and highlighted with a white gel pen.

Blog y'a all later,
6 Responses
  1. Lynn McAuley Says:

    What a sensational photo of your boys, Dragana! I love it!!

    And what gorgeous work with your inks and colors on this remarkable card!! It is absolutely exquisite!

  2. Becky Says:

    What a wonderful photo!! and your card is fabulous..

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Gorgeous! And your boys look VERY handsome.

  4. Danie May Says:

    You have two beautiful handsome boys and a wonderful card Dragana. The colors and images are fabulous, and can remember your quote and that TV show vividly myself. xx

  5. Helen Says:

    Love the how the colours have blended in this card and what the birds are saying. And as for Allo Allo, we are still watching re-runs and still laugh our heads off!

  6. I would like one of these laminated...and then, I could flash it to my kids or a friend or a clerk, etc, etc..and maybe I would get their attention better...this is gorgeous. Love the colors!

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