Dragana Skoro
I love days like this. Sunny crisp morning and then it gets warmer. All the kids in the park were in their short sleeve shirt and the playground was packed...

It is also a day that my hubby got a job in post production office, which means that his work is more stable than before. Being a production accountant is a tricky thing, you never know when is the next show coming up. Now we at least know he is working next six months.

While my hubby celebrated, our BC premier resigned. Why? Don't know and don't care. I am hoping it will be for better. Good riddance.

Here are few photos. A card was done with a computer manipulated image, it has started as a simple scan... And the pendants are just like the ones in the last post. Glass top in a silver plated tray. I can't get enough of these beauties. Watch out for my E-bay store coming. You will be the first ones to know.

Blog y'a later,
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