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I hope this year is a very successful one for you all, filled with health, wealth and laughter. I know I couldn't wish for more...

We had great holidays. It doesn't happen very often in Vancouver, but we had a white Christmas! Oh, joy!! We were out frolicking in the snow, tobogganing, firing snowballs at each other and shoveling. Even shoveling didn't feel so hard. Look at me speak, I shoveled for about 5 minutes, my hubby is a "man", it is his job, so I was not allowed to use a shovel. He drove around in our Volvo with a shovel in the trunk and took on helping people who got stuck all over the place. We are probably the only ones beside the police who have snow tires and chains in this city. :-) I am not sure which he (my hubby that is) enjoyed more - helping people or lecturing them about being on the road with all seasons tires. Santa spoiled us too, my kids got all the toys they asked for, I got few things I was wishing for for a long time, like "Toolset for Dummies". I also got a little "to go" set of pink tools. My other half got saddle bags for his Harley. But most importantly, we got to spend quite a bit of time with our family. I still feel all warm and fuzzy.

I didn't craft a whole lot over holidays, all those Christmas cards took a toll on me. I recuperated and enjoyed my family. I did work on my craft room a bit. I cleaned it up, purchased Bygel racks from Ikea for my punches, we'll be putting them up today. I do have a card to show though... I saw this sketch somewhere long time ago and jotted it down. I can't remember where though. If you know let me know.

I am not going to list details for this card as I can't remember any of the designer's papers used. :-) Flowers were died with SU! re-inkers. The stamp is a SU! Lovely Labels, photo corners were done with SU! photo corner punch. There you have it.

The next card was done as a spoof. It is in my SCS gallery. Have you noticed lately how popular llamas are on SCS?!?!? I resisted for the longest time, but then I did join this movement. :-) For more info on how it all started go here and here. I downloaded a colouring page and resized it and fixed in Photoshop. The image was coloured with Prisma pencils. The bubbles on the paper are supposed to remind you of llama spit. Gross, eh?!?! Anyway, here is the card...

OK, that's it. Blog you llater (I am so funny, huh?!?)
19 Responses
  1. Sharon Says:

    Funny llama card...reminds me of the story, "Is your Mama a Llama?" :-)

  2. xiumaiyuki Says:

    Very cute! thanks for the laugh!!!

  3. Fabulous cards! I just love the floral card...it is very artistic! :)

  4. Ann Says:

    That first card is gorgeous--love the colors! And the second one--well, let's just say that you make llama spit look great! Heehee! :D

  5. Jackie Says:

    Great cards...they're both really cute! nice job!!!

  6. *Sally* Says:

    Both cards are lovely!

  7. Susan Says:

    I really like the flower card. T he colors really pop.

  8. Jaspere Says:

    Both cards are great. The llama is such a fun one.

  9. Jan Says:

    Oh Dragana, that first card is GORGEOUS - the llama is cute too!

  10. Tammy Says:

    I love the floral card. The llama one is cute too.

  11. Hey, I like these cards! They are really cute and well done!

  12. Beedubya Says:

    llama llama DUCK! Love it, Dragana!

    TFS! Brandi

  13. Great llama card, really made me llaugh (see I am as funny as you). I think the sketch card is gorgeous. Hope Milan is feeling better after his frozen lip accident

  14. stampin abi Says:

    great cards, love the sketch card.

  15. Kelly Says:

    The llama card is great! I am glad that you had a wonderful (and white!) Christmas!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Love the dyed flowers. They turned out so well. This is a very lovely card Dragana.

    The llama is cute also.

  17. How very cute!!!!!

  18. Jacqueline Says:

    these are gorgeous!!

  19. Love that floral card. How beautifully put together!

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