Dragana Skoro
Many of you have asked over the past four months about my kitchen. So, here is a very quick post with two pictures of what it looks like now. If you were to scroll way down, back to August I believe, you could see how it started.

Off to clean my office now. It looks as if a big bomb went off in there. Blog you later.
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  1. Lovely kitchen! Many happy meals and memories to come. It really is the heart of the home, no? Glad to see you back!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Your kitchen looks so beautiful! Love the pics.

  3. The kitchen is so beautiful! I know how hard it is to live through a kitchen renovation!

    Ahh the days of doing dishes in the bathtub...

    So glad its' almost finished!

  4. Stampmouse Says:

    looks awesome very jealous

  5. Tracy Says:

    It is gorgeous!

  6. CJ Says:

    No doubt, that is one great kitchen. Mine is SO small and has so few cabinets. It's pretty, at least. Just not practical. Thankfully, it's not a room where I spend much time! :) I hope you enjoy your new digs!

  7. Very Beautiful kitchen, also love the countertops!!! Thanks for sharing with us!! :)

    Cheryl :)

  8. Nancy Says:

    It looks awesome...enjoy your new kitchen!!

  9. Jan Says:

    Beautiful kitchen! Love the counter tops!

  10. Erin Says:

    Awesome job on your kitchen...love that stainless steel!!


  11. WOW, what a wonderful kitchen you now have! It looks like all the construction was well worth it (: Congratulations!

  12. Emily Says:

    Your kitchen looks so beautiful! I bet you are so glad to have it done! :)

  13. Oh, I'm so jealous! It is wonderful.


  14. WOW!! It's gorgeous!!!!

  15. Jackie Says:

    Love your new kitchen! Looks awesome!!!

  16. Michelle Says:

    OH MY GOSH! That is one AWESOME kitchen! I could make my "blackened chicken" in there really well! LOL! I hope my kitchen turns out as nice as yours! Good job on EVERYTHING! LOL!

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