Dragana Skoro
Yesterday was Abbotsford Farmer's Market Day.  I love being there, there are lot of wonderful people there with their great products.  My favourite this time was DMP - Dream Monkey Productions. Look what she makes. So awesome.

Here is my table - it's finally starting to look nice.  It is hard to choose what to display on 6' table, so much to squeeze onto such a little surface!

Some new cufflinks.

The whole table again.  It is almost working, few little things to adjust and it will be great.

These are the upcycled altoid tins.

See how crowded it gets?  I think I like it though.

OK, that's it for now.  I will be back at market on March 16th, 9-1.  Come and see me, would you?

Blog ya' all later,
2 Responses
  1. Lynn McAuley Says:

    Your display looks fabulous, Dragana! What a wonderful array of crafty creations!!

  2. Julie Short Says:

    Wow you have been so busy Dragana. Your display has so many interesting pieces on it. Just lovely!

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