Dragana Skoro
Well, today is the day I started to post my jewelry listings on E-Bay and Facebook. I am excited. In celebration of this new line, from now until Christmas, I am offering free shipping in Canada and US. So, wanna do some Christmas shopping? Lookie:

Square and round pendants are $15 each, while a rectangular one is $20. They all include a choice of necklace. A bargain, right?!?!?

We had the first snow in Vancouver. I felt the way I've always felt with the first snow - excited, playful and Christmas impatient. I know, I know, it is not very grown up to dance with my kids through the house, holding hands and singing about snow. :-) We were out in the garden around 7 am, made angels and trierd to catch snowflakes on our tongues. I don't want you to think we had oodles of snow, it is West Coast, you know... Here, this is my street on Saturday morning.

And here are my boys, rosy cheeks and all.

Some cards coming up tomorrow, hang in there, I haven't forgotten about paper...

Nighty night,

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