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I love Split Coast Stampers... I met so many great people through that site, I purchased some great stamps... Well, one of my transactions was not that fair (in my opinion). I purchased some stamps from one of the members in two very close installments. It happened on the same evening, I first paid for one batch, and then the second. Each time I was quoted shipping that seemed a little high, but I thought "Well, I can either buy it or not - so let's do it". I thought maybe this lady will ship the stamps faster than others did, or maybe she has to use online services, or maybe there is an insurance, or... who knows. To cut the story short, my stamps arrived yesterday, it was a regular waiting time for anything to arrive from States, not faster, but not slower either. All of them in the same, regular (I don't think it was even bubble) envelope, and guess what??? The postage on the envelope showed $12.31 while I paid $25 in combined shipping. You know, if I were her, I would at least offer to refund the money. In the message I sent confirming the receipt of the stamps, I also said "Oh, it seems like I overpaid my shipping by a whole lot?!". I did not ask for refund, and I am not going to, but it just doesn't feel right. No response, none, nada, nista, zilch, zero... Urgh!!! Sorry, I had to vent a little. I will leave it at this, because if a person doesn't think that was wrong, no matter what I say would change that. And, who knows, some of you might think there is nothing wrong with what she's done. I know I would never do it.

On the brighter note, it was another beautiful day in Vancouver. I spent my day in a walk with my boys and then playing in the garden afterwards. They were pouring buckets of water over each other's head and had a blast... My husband went to work today, I wish he could have stayed at home a little longer. It must be awfully hard to spend a day in a wheelchair trying to navigate through the office that is not meant to be used by anyone not able to jump over, crawl under and slither through. Poor soul.

So, no card tonight, I took a day off and didn't make anything, nor I took any photos of the old stuff... I feel so guilty, lol. I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Good night. Blog you later.
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  1. Lori Barnett Says:

    Maybe she had to drive 50 miles to the post office and it cost $15 worth of gas?! ha! Oh well...as long as you got a bargin in the end. Won't be buying from them again. If there's a comment area where you made the purchase...leave a comment so others will be informed.

  2. Beedubya Says:

    How many stamps did you buy? Did she have to travel to send them? I've come to learn that some people are really in this as a business and they think, "time is money." I'd feel like a tool charging someone that much over on shipping but then I'm a wicked nice person so it doesn't count. ;) I'd just be careful on your next purchase and figure out the criteria for the shipping charges.

  3. Hi Brandi and Lori

    This was just my little rant, that's what blogs are for, eh? I purchased 4 sets, she never said there were any surcharges, but then I didn't ask... It is not that important, I just felt like sharing it 'cause it just didn't sit right with me. Oh, well, I got my stamps and I am happy... :-)

  4. Beedubya Says:

    I wouldn't mind at all! I'm flattered, in fact! Thanks for your kind comments.

  5. Veronica Says:

    I am sorry that you were over charged for shipping. Some people have no scruples. I am a strong believer in bad karma so hopefully she will get jipped in shipping also. lol

  6. Melzie Says:

    That's insane! I do Ebay a lot, and I always send teh $$$ back if it's way off base. Can't trust their calculated shipping. I love PP because it's so easy...

    Anyhow- thats' a bummer.. :(

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