Dragana Skoro
After a long thinking process, and hours spent on the web - we have made a decision of where to take my New Orleans cousin. We will go to Nairn Falls, BC provincial park. We have a 30 foot motor home, so it will be 6 of us traveling... My kids, my hubby, my sister, cousin and I. It will be so much fun. We thought of taking her there, because, after all, New Orleans has swamps not beautiful cool lakes and mountains. She should know what she's missing, no? This picture is one of the ones I found on the net... I will post our pictures after the trip.

I have made lots of cards in the last week, but I also sold lots (unfortunately quite a few I didn't even have a chance to take a picture of). Other ones, I will try to take pictures today and post them tomorrow. Blog you then.
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