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I love Fridays. My kids love Fridays. When a Friday comes around, that means we can stay home for two days, go for bike rides. Daddy doesn't go to work. We can watch movies and be silly. Or go geocaching. That is what we did last weekend. Well, a little more than that. We went camping and geocaching. We left Vancouver on Friday and went to Squamish. We've stayed at Paradise Valley Campground. It is a great place. Then, on Saturday morning, we left for Cache Creek. Across a snowy mountain, to the other side... We've stopped at the Seton Lake to rest and give our motorhome some rest as well. You can see behind our motorhome the mountain we went over.

After a break, we kept going until we've reached Hat Creek Ranch. What a great place!!! I've seen some things that I've only heard of before. The boys learned a lot in those two days. About the old times, about first nations, mainly Shuswap. We've seen Shuswap dancers, a kekuli, and a lean-to, and a sweat lodge... We've seen an old road house and all the old stuff in it... Well, take a look for yourself:

The boys having a ride in a stage coach while still in their pyjamas:

A Shuswap dancer:

Old cigar cutter:

Playing cards with no numbers, not many knew how to read back then:

Ice cream maker:

I was in heaven with all this old, old stuff around me. Oh to have some of it for my displays at the shows!

And here is our Geocache:

Mentioning shows, I will be at Portobello West Art and Fashion Market on Sunday, May 29th. It costs only $2 to enter, so come and see me!

Here is some of the new stuff I will have at my table:

These are three bottle cap pendants with a chain packages.

These are some of the scrabble tile cufflinks I've made:

The next items are made of upcycled bamboo tiles. Love these...

The pictures are not the best. It is very late and I am tired. It was a quick shoot and dash for bed...

Oy, this turned into a really lengthy post, eh? One more thing to mention... Two new classes coming up. On June 18th, I will be teaching a class for those men in your lives - fathers, brothers, husbands, you know those guys we all love so much... Lookie:

Yes, I know it is really, really close to Father's Day, but I have no other opportunity to teach this. So, come and get some cards ready for Sunday.

On June 25th, I will be teaching... drum roll, please... a TIM HOLTZ class!!! Come and play with his products and get dirty his style.

I will be posting exact times and details on Monday, so come back then.

Phew! See, it is better when I am quiet, eh? When I start, can't stop, I tell ya'. :-) Gotta go now.

Blog ya' later,

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