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Today, SU announced big changes in our colour palette. Quite a few colours retiring, some old In-Colors being brought back, and some brand new colours. We will have 4 colour collections, each with 10 colours. In July, we get 5 new In-colors, and they will be active for 2 years. Next year, we get 5 new In-colors, and they will be around for two years as well. So, from 2011, we will have 10 In-colors and 40 core colours. Lookie:

At first, I was unsure if I liked this change, now I am tickled pink. I can hardly wait to get my hot little hands on these beautiful new colours.

Onto the other things. May class is Eastern Blooms. It will be on Sunday, May 16th, 2-5 PM, or Tuesday, May 18th, 6-9 PM. As usual, it is at my place - e-mail me for the details. The price is $25.

I just want to remind you of a class coming up on Saturday, April
24th, 2-5 PM at my place. The alternate time is Tuesday, April 27th,
6-9 PM at my place.

Here is the project of the class again...

Don't forget that these classes are available as kits to go, or for free with $50 order (does not apply to club orders).

OK, gotta go now. Blog y'a later!

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  1. Mrs. Q Says:

    Gorgeous cards here! I wish I was close enough to come for your class!

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