Dragana Skoro
I've completely forgotten to upload this year's Father's Day card. It really shows my kids at their best. :-)

It really is summer here!!! We had a stretch of such a bad weather I thought it would never come. Well, I will be BBQ-ing today. Our friends with their 5-year old are coming over. Kids really play nicely together. Mentioning kids' friends, we went to a birthday party yesterday and this is a card I made for a 3-year old.

Off to shop for a BBQ. Blog you later.
11 Responses
  1. Michelle Says:

    Both cards are adorable!!! That Father's Day card is so precious, perfect for a daddy :)

  2. Tracy Says:

    These cards are so cute! I hope you had fun at your BBQ!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I love the Father's Day card...those kid stamped images are great! You have to tell me where you got those stamps :D The birthday card is very adorable.

  4. CathyRose Says:

    Such a cute card, love the purple! The Father's Day card is terrific too.

  5. Cris A Says:

    Love the cards, those kids are adorable.

  6. Mary Dawn Says:

    super cute giraffe! and i love the father's day card, so fun

  7. Tony Lort Says:

    I loved the Father's Day card. Strangely though, the boys' faces are clean. :-) The Dad that got the card.

  8. Hey, that was just for a photo-op. :-)

  9. Jen Says:

    Love the purple zebra!
    The kids on the dad card are adorable!

  10. Love the Dad card. So cute...

  11. These cards are both awesome. Nice colors and layouts. TFS

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