Dragana Skoro
Well, I had no idea what to get for Steve, 65 year old Greek fisherman... We went to his surprise birthday party last weekend, and this is what I made:

This was the first wine tag I've ever made. I will be making a lot more of those.

I have about ten days to come up with a place to go to once my cousin is here for a visit. She lives in New Orleans, and was here before. She has seen the city, we took her to Victoria... This time she would like to go and see some of our wilderness. So, I am thinking Manning Park or some of the lakes around Squamish, maybe Alice. We will see. We're taking our RV in for a check-up on Monday, so we will be definitely ready. Kids are already excited to meet her, she hasn't been here since I had my babies. And I get to see my favourite cousin again!!!
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